Meet the Team

Christina de Jong

Founder & President
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Christina de Jong founded Basis India Foundation in Canada in 2014 and has served as the President of the Board since.


Working in collaboration with basisindia e.V. in Germany and with partner organizations, Christina brings more than twenty-five years of learning, organizational, marketing and communications experience to the Foundation.


Through her work as Communications Director for Global Learning Partners in Toronto, Christina discovered the value of Dialogue Education, the method of learning that works best for adults - and children too.


During her decade-long tenure managing Digital Strategy and Engagement and storytelling for World Renew, an international humanitarian organization, Christina travelled to Africa, Asia, and Latin America to capture the transformative changes that community development and international disaster response initiatives can bring about. She learned about the importance of asset-based community development and the power of working through local partners.


Her ultimate learning is that when children, adults, and communities have the tools and the learning to create a different kind of present, so too a future will emerge in which it is possible to not just survive, but thrive.


To see children - particularly teens, on the verge of adulthood - flourishing where once they could hardly find their way: this is Christina's dream.


Sasquia Antúnez-Pineda

Toronto, ON

Sasquia Antúnez-Pineda is convinced that it is in the hands of children that hope comes alive in a community, and that the strength of every nation lies in the energy of its youth and the wisdom of its elders.


Born in Honduras, Sasquia developed a strong interest in non-profits during her

early university years. Inspired by a volunteer experience led by the Red Cross’s relief

response in Honduras to Hurricane Mitch in 1998, Sasquia became profoundly

motivated to help others in need. More recently, she witnessed acute suffering in her

country and discovered a call for charity work through her concern for youth violence in

Central America. Her interest in international development continued to grow when she co-led a school community service trip in 2014 to Costa Rica, where she was moved by children forced to care for younger siblings and thus unable to attend school. The desire to make a positive impact led her to pursue a graduate Master of Theological Studies and International Development degree at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto in Canada.

She is currently a co-operator for non-profit organizations in Toronto such as

Kintore College and Development and Peace Caritas Canada. She contributes as a

student-writer at Wycliffe College’s alumni magazine and online publications. She also

recently received the St. George’s Society of Toronto Scholarship Award.


With prior degrees in Psychology from The National University of Honduras and

a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia, Sasquia worked as a

Certified High School teacher for seven years in Vancouver and Toronto.


Sangita Iyer

Mississauga, ON

Sangita Iyer holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and is a certified Positive Psychology Educator. She heads up her own positive education institute with the vision of helping children, teens, parents, teachers, and institutions flourish.


Sangita is also a certified Adult Educator, a Leadership Training Consultant, an Instructional Designer, a certified Feng Shui Specialist, and an independent documentary filmmaker. Her recent documentary Gurucool: Shifting Mindsets, which tackles the subject of education in India, has been screened at a number of festivals at home and abroad.


Sangita has also been a national field hockey player and continues to be an ardent sports fan.


Toronto, ON

Jeremy Mullin

Jeremy Mullin is a senior leader in the public affairs space, and is currently the Vice President of Public Affairs at Savanta Group -- a leading global research firm serving the public sector.


For many years Jeremy has been involved in several non-profit organizations, serving both as board member and hands-on volunteer. 


Jeremy is deeply committed to improving educational outcomes, giving back to various communities, and making a positive difference in the lives of children and young adults.


He holds award-winning degrees in finance from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the University of Toronto. He is also a Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP).