1 out of 5

children and adolescents are out of school worldwide

1 out 3

live in sub-saharan

Africa; girls are more likely to be excluded than boys


of India's children do not go to school

1 in 6

children worldwide are not reaching minimum

proficiency levels in reading or math

Our Mission

Our Vision

Imagine a generation of children and young people educated and well-equipped to pursue their goals and create better futures for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.​

Education and skills development is critical to preventing poverty, and in today’s world strong cognitive, socio-emotional, creative, and digital skills are necessary to flourish. (World Bank)

Basis seeks to create comprehensive learning and skills development opportunities for under-resourced or out-of-school children and youth in rural and impoverished communities in the majority world.

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Who We Are

Basis equips at-risk youth with learning pathways, tools, and skills to improve their futures and create change in their communities after they graduate from high school.

Basis Learning Centres provide access to online curriculum, arts-based curriculum, mentors, vocational training, psycho-social support, and career guidance. These strands knit together create a foundation on which to stand and reach for dreams.


Our Team

What We Do

We are currently establishing Basis Learning Centres in India with the support of local partners, and are open to considering sites elsewhere in the majority world in the future. If you're interested in exploring a partnership with us, do email life@basisindia.org.

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