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February 24, 2018

More than half of India’s 1.3 billion population is younger than the age of 25. The Indian government estimates that 500 million young people must be trained by 2022!

In the rural area where Basis is establishing its Children’s Village, many of the young people come from difficult or impoverished circumstances. They do not have easy access to vocational training or skills development possibilities. But they all have dreams.

For this reason, even while the rest of the Children’s Village is being developed, Thomas Saverimuthu (founder) and Brinda Adige (program director) have decided to reach out to the Level 10 students at the local school. Through a Needs Assessment, a skills development and mentorship program will be designed in the year to come.

Brinda Adige is positive about the difference that Basis can make in the lives of many young people who are gearing up to venture into a world of opportunities – including opportunities they do not yet know they have. She says, “In the context of globalization today, there is increased demand for skilled and multi-skilled personnel. Basis India’s vocational skill program will enhance children’s life-long learning and attitude towards work, self motivation, communication, teamwork and creativity. This will make a deep and positive impact in the lives of the children from the villages.”

Initial offerings may be a summer computer camp, to run for three weeks in April, and possibly English lessons for other students. All students are keen to study English language, as this is the language of mobility.

Further career and university counseling can occur as the students’ interests, talents, and abilities become evident.

Basis also plans to build its vocational training centre this year, so as to be able to run different kinds of skills development programs and workshops as funds as well as staffing and volunteers allow.

Possible future training programs could include:

  • Graphic and website design
  • Computer basics
  • Software development
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Culinary Arts
  • Music
  • Art
  • English
  • Organic farming

If you are interested in supporting our work financially, one-time or recurring gifts can be set up here. If you are interested in partnering with us in other ways, please email!

Thank you!

December 19, 2017

Dear friends,

This Advent, we would like to wish you a peaceful, joyful Christmas. Thank you for your support in 2017!

We very excited to report that we are beginning to see our way to starting construction in 2018!  Please make a pledge – large or small – to help make the Basis dream a reality.  When you donate through our German* online giving platform,, 100% of gift will be applied to our project. Just click here.

Expect more frequent communications from us now as we take our next steps!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you again, and best wishes for the new year!


Christina de Jong
Basis India Foundation

*once Basis India Foundation has its charitable tax giving  status in Canada, we will make it possible to set up your support through Canada Helps

Merry Christmas from Basis!

December 24, 2016

Dear friends,

2016 has been an exciting and important year for Basis Children’s Village.

Thomas Saverimuthu and I started off in February, volunteering for a week with a project similar to ours. We particularly wanted to learn about the construction methods they were using.

In May we traveled to India to progress Basis. A primary goal was to make the rustic farmhouse on the acreage where the Basis homes and facilities will be built habitable, so that we can manage the project in 2017 without having to trek to and from Bangalore (which can take up to four hours).

In just two weeks, we replaced the entire roof of the house (in addition to addressing power issues)!

With a second trip in October we were able to take care of many more details – electrical work, cement work, painting, and also preparing the foundation for the caretaker’s house.



Two fundraising events, one in Berlin and one in Gifhorn, played a big role in funding this year’s work – and we are so pleased to have made new Basis friends! We really want to thank everyone who supported us in 2016; your help and effort is deeply appreciated. To see our support base growing is encouraging; we can only hope this will continue in 2017!

So, to all friends, colleagues, and every single supporter of Basis Children’s Village: we are wishing you a joyous and peaceful Christmas and a happy and successful New Year!

2017 is knocking on the door, and we are very excited about the future! Our highest priority is to build the first family home… we will be in touch soon with the details of that campaign and goal!

Thank you again!

Warmest wishes,

Christina de Jong
Basis India Foundation

What’s happening at Basis?

May 19, 2016

Good things are happening at Basis!

Like electricity, a brand new, leak-proof roof, sealed windows, and a storage shed – which means the first Basis building is just about fully functional and ready to support the continued development of the Children’s Village.

IMG_4744   IMG_4893

For a full week the house was swarmed with welders, masons, and a few members of Thomas’ family who stepped up to work long days in 36 degree heat cheerfully.

Left to right: Kumar, Daniel, Ferdinand, and Das

We’re very grateful for the funds raised by basisindia e.V. (Germany) which covered the cost of a UPS system and 50% of the cost of the new roof.


We also wish to thank Sudarsan Holla for donating a week’s worth of masonry work and Salma Mahmood for donating an aquaguard water filtration system.

Thanks to the water from the bore well, the Children’s Village acreage is teeming with life… thriving fruit trees, and birds of all kinds. The energy is palpable and we can only begin to imagine the kind of healing that will be possible here for children rescued from harm, once we have infrastructure in place.


Sudarsan Holla, Brinda Adige, and Thomas Saverimuthu

Brinda Adige, MSW, and Sudarsan Holla, our architect, met with us to review a draft master plan. It’s a marvelous moment when imagination finds its way into solid ideas on paper!

Will you help us get the ideas OFF paper? It’s time to realize a solid, safe infrastructure where healing, growth, and opportunities are really there for children who have suffered deeply.

You can turn whole lives around by supporting Basis Children’s Village, whether your gift is big or small.

Give today.

Meet Brinda Adige

March 17, 2016

Brinda Adige

BasisIndia e.V. (Germany) and the Basis India Foundation (Canada) are pleased to announce that Brinda Adige has been appointed as a Director for Basis Children’s Village in India.

She will serve together with Thomas Saverimuthu, founder of Basis.

Brinda brings many years of experience and passion to this role, and we look forward to creating healing, nurturing, and loving homes at Basis Children’s Village with the help of her vision and her wealth of practical knowledge.

A pioneer in anti-trafficking in Bangalore, Brinda initiated India’s first child protection helplines in 1997 in the Bangalore Commissioner’s Office. Brinda’s full bio can be found here

Two Concerts, Two Countries, and Many Hearts

In February and at the beginning of May, two benefit concerts – and a silent auction – were held for Basis. The February concert occurred near Gifhorn, Germany. The second in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. These events were promoted and celebrated on social media… but here on the website we want to more formally thank all those who performed, all who donated to the silent auction, all who volunteered their time to make these concerts possible, and all who came out to enjoy these special events!

Germany bands & performers

Thomas & Katrina Saverimuthu

Factual Facetious

Peter der Wolf

Toronto performers

Jeanine Noyes & Carol Olson

Ins Choi

Michael Posthumus

Peter Tigchelaar

Stephen Pinney

Phil Koole

Special thank you to Jennifer Posthumus for getting behind the Toronto concert & auction in spades!

The funds raised this year so far were applied to installing the bore well pump, surveying the land so that we can start planning and designing, and furthering some possible partnerships in India. And some of the funds are now held in reserve… until we have raised the rest that we need to build the caretaker’s house and to buy a solar energy system. We hope to accomplish these two things this September and October.

Step by Step


The water flows at Basis Children’s Village!

The 900′ bore well now has a pump! To see Thomas and Rajesh, our caretaker, water the very thirsty fruit trees (mango, banana, papaya, jack fruit,…) was a beautiful thing. To turn the tap on in the kitchen of the farmhouse… and flush the toilet in the bathroom… these are things most of us take for granted. But here at Basis in Hosahalli this was something to be achieved!


Most of all, the access to water means that Basis can really begin.

Thank you for for your support!

So many of you have contributed generously. And we’re glad some of you were able to attend the Benefit Concert in Germany in early February. That was a very special evening of music – hopefully a gift to you as much as your presence there was a gift to us!

This trip to India was partly about legalities… figuring out important, essential things we need in order to be present here.

More exciting things happened as well…


We hired land surveyors – two brothers – to come out and do a topographical survey of the land, so that we can begin to plan with our architect where best to build our family homes.

brinda-adige-2Brinda Adige from Global Concerns, our local partner in Bangalore, took time out of a very busy schedule handling a Canadian Department of Foreign Trade & Development (DFATD) project.

We went together to Hosahalli, and heard from her on the way how impossible it is to keep up with the demand to find homes for children and youth who are rescued from trafficking. We learned that Bangalore has emerged as the foremost city in India as a source for trafficking and also as a destination for persons who have been trafficked.

The Basis mission is to provide loving homes and support to at-risk children in India. Through education, training, and access to opportunities, our vision is that they will become powerful agents of change in their own lives and the lives of others.

Our project is still a bud – but with your support it will bloom!

Back to Brinda’s visit! We plan for our children to attend the local elementary and high school in Hosahalli. So we went to visit, to discuss establishing a support program there. The headmasters are very open to this idea.

We also discovered that the computers have been sitting around unused for seven years, as there is not the electricity to power them up. So now we hope to fund not only solar power for Basis, but for the school too.

But we won’t only be about computers with the kids. We hope to get into music, arts, and street theatre to educate the villages about trafficking. Or perhaps we could find someone to teach Gamaka, a form of storytelling that originated in Karnataka (by the way, you can read a bit more about Hosahalli on Wikipedia). So many possibilities, so many ways to bloom…

Brinda is now following up with the Board Education Office of Karnataka, to find out more about what it will entail to start the after school program at the school.

Support Basis Children’s Village today!

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

As 2014 draws to a close, we wish to thank you for your interest in our project and for your support. We have high hopes for Basis in 2015!

This year in Germany we witnessed the energy and passion of individuals and a company driven to make a difference through fundraising and a generous donation to BasisIndia e.V. As a result we were able to go to India to drill a borewell for Basis, and to make renovations to the small farmhouse. This is where we will initially operate in India, and where we plan to construct the children’s village, ultimately.

A wonderful partnership has been established between the International School in Braunschweig – Wolfsburg and BasisIndia e.V. A number of students are now committed to playing a part in making Basis a reality. This formal partnership will live for eighteen months, but we look forward to possibly a lifetime connection with these students as they grow up and make their way in the world… and hopefully visit us in India too.

We also celebrate the incorporation of the Basis Foundation in Canada and we welcome the expertise of five board members who have already demonstrated their care and commitment to the project. We hope to achieve charitable tax status soon and to create a lively, collaborative relationship with BasisIndia e.V. across the pond.

2015 promises to be a very full and interesting year. At the outset we hope to go and install a borewell pump for our children’s village. Additionally we plan to go and spend time in the communities around Doddaballapur close by, building relationships and getting to know the community leaders.

We have also roughed in a plan to visit the government schools in Doddaballapur. These are the schools that ultimately children living at Basis will attend. Brinda Adige, director of Global Concerns Trust, a Basis partner in Bangalore, has agreed to assist us in establishing and implementing an after school program for the poorest children in these schools – children who sometimes do not even have a meal a day. This program will include holistic education and a healthy, wholesome snack.

In this way we can achieve two things: we can begin to get to know the community, listen to them and involve them in our work, and we can begin to identify and respond to the greatest needs within a short radius of Basis.

For the borewell pump and the after school program we invite your support, however large or small.

Last but but not least: in 2015 we develop the plans for the children’s village! Consider establishing a monthly donation of $20 to help our building fund for the children’s village grow more quickly.

Thank you again for your wonderful support. We look forward to continuing this journey with you!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas,
Basis: Foundations for Life