Healing. Growth. Opportunities.

Providing loving homes and a community to children rescued from harm in India.

Every eight minutes…

a child goes missing in India. Every year.

The number of missing teenage girls outweighs boys. Those found and rescued are in dire need of support and care to restore them to their lives and to their communities.

Basis Children’s Village will provide nurturing homes to protect, heal, and restore child survivors.

Homes and a community for healing.

Children rescued from trafficking will have the space and resources they need to heal and recover as they prepare to become stronger persons, ready to face their future. From the safety of a family home environment they will receive counseling and mentoring so that they can regain their self-esteem and confidence.

Partnerships & financial support.

Basis is developing partnerships and establishing the financial support needed to structure the homes and care on its premises. Located an hour north of Bangalore, Basis will have excellent access to modern amenities, resources, and professional staff.

Get involved.

If you are interested in being involved or in supporting Basis and would like to engage in a conversation or receive more information, please email life@basisindia.org.